OVILAC - The only hotel with a volcano in its garden

The Turrialba volcano surroundings not only are great for tourism, they’re also perfect for the sheep dairy farms, that’s because the weather its ideal for the raising of this kind of animals.

This is the reason Ovilac was born. It’s an unique Costa Rican company, dedicated to rise sheep LACAUNE, TEXEL and DORPER for milk and meat production. Also, the company process and mature elaborated cheese from their milk, and you can taste it in our restaurant, “SABOR A FINCA”.

Ovilac is also dedicated to fatten the delicious and high quality dairy sheep, served as “house specialty” in the
“SABOR A FINCA” restaurant. They’re also produced for sale in the best markets and exclusive restaurants of San Jose.

In our property we have more than 1500 sheep, divided in two flocks, each one of these being part of our production and a cause of pride for us because they make the landscape more beautiful and allow us to offer you the interaction with the countryside activities, like the diary farm and pastures where they live all the year.

Thanks to the richness of the volcanic land where we are, in Ovilac we use the best quality of forage in the production of milk and meat. We constantly improve sheep genetics, using a strict program of artificial insemination that you, as a guest, would be able to watch if you want.